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To this day opinions tend to differ when it's up to discuss this legendary writing, colloquial called the SKRIPT. Only few men have actually been there, in Bethlen by the Dead Sea, were this writing shall have seen the light of day by pure coincidence. Those who have been there, those who are aware of the content, wish it would have never happened. They wish they could turn it down as a bad joke, a fantasy of superstitious natives so they wouldn't need to constantly think about this seemingly random words, which tend to appear over and over again in this ancient writing: TAG SIEBEN. In its context various times described as a huge thread, confusion, deliverance or devastation, it still remains a mystery whether it's a ghost, a being or something totally different.

A few years ago, as a few kids from Tyrol, Austria came together to make some music, these two words, TAG SIEBEN, suddenly appeared again and the myth re-awakened. They called the Band TAG SIEBEN and said the name has been an intuition, not knowing why or where it came from. Years of confusion and research passed. The myth expanded by a lot of new discoveries and on January 7th 2015 the call of TAG SIEBEN echoed around the world.

Well, here it is, the nameless Quartet, led by this legendary writing, that deals with this “thing” which calls itself TAG SIEBEN. Under the watchful eye of the SKRIPT and their mentor Ibn Al-Ahab Ward, they have come to show the world its confusion. The unholy “Quadrinity”, being QUESSENTIA (it shall be the ESSENCE of the Quadrinity and handles the Guitar & Vocals), PROVIDENZ (it shall be the DIVINATION of the Quadrinity and handles the Drums), MORPHE (it shall be the SHAPE of the Quadrinity and handles the Bass-guitar) and GENESIS (it shall be the ORIGIN of the Quadrinity and handles the Guitar), makes use of a lot of different elements throughout the diverse sub-genres of Metal- and Rock music, completed with progressive parts and German-speaking lyrics, which deal with the destruction of the world, philosophy and theology, inner conflicts, emotional and social dullness as well as literary and historical themed discourses.


TAG SIEBEN offers no answers, but asks questions. Questions about the mystery of itself and the unsolved mysteries of the world and its strange inhabitants.

TAG SIEBEN tells stories, it dreams and reflects. Thus, the artistic level shouldn't be less high than the heavy weight of this name. A musical, emotional journey, that matches with your soul and leaves you breathless. Short but lasting. Songs rich of facets which avoid the easy way but get straight to the point, heavy and entertaining. In sense of the drama, they reach a peak.